When I was living in Vermont, going borderline Annie Wilkes “Misery” crazy, I decided to dip a toe into the murky depths of on-line dating. I was living alone in rural Vermont and had a thing going on with a man temporarily whoring around on another continent. So I can’t recall if was I bitter cold or just bitter. I was not really hoping to meet anyone through the internet at that time, but but shockingly many men wanted to meet me, despite this profile.

I am pretty sure I decided to do this because I was in a daze after spending way too long in the sauna… it was a combination of that and a recent wedding where I got the “don’t worry sweetie you’ll meet someone. It will happen for you” – Thanks friend’s mom- I don’t remember asking, but I will remember to avoid you… I am definitely not into unsolicited advice. Since I signed up all I can hear in my head is kip- “Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes, all day.” I can’t say I am ready to start a family, or settle down, or anything right now, but if there is someone out there who is interested in paying my loans then that sounds fantastic.

I live in the woods while I finish school in VT, and if I have to stay here for the next 8 months I may as well put out the vibe. I am from the Boston area – planning on moving back in May. I used to live and work in Manhattan as well- I am now at the opposite end of the spectrum.

If you hadn’t gathered at this point, I am a wiseass and I am fun for the occasional party. That is partly due to aging, partly due to geography, and partly because I got tired of trying to muffle the desperate pleas for mercy coming from my liver. I put a lot of stock in sarcasm, choice in footwear, movie quoting ability, and you must be intellectually curious. You should also have the ability to read over your own profile in search of blatant ttypos,, speling errers, use of ALL CAPS, and overuse of smiley or winky faces ;). I mean it. Also, I am not interested in seeing a picture of your car or cheesy dating headlines… and since when do men lie about their age? Fascinating- I thought it was a woman thing.

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